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Hello lovelies,

probably a week ago I got my second beauty box from Look Fantastic, which I actually surprised me. I subscribed my first box as a month subscription, so I expected to get only one box ad that's it. When I got announcement from my Post Office, I was happy - angry, because I didn't order the second box, but they sent it to me anyway and took my money from my account. On the other hand I was happy like a child to get a surprising gift. Anyway, I was confused, but then I found out one thing. When I subscribed beauty box, the website auto renewed the order for next month. So please, be aware of that. If you really want to try only one box, make sure you click on "do not auto renew" button on their website. 

The Ordinary, Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA
I am super excited about this product, because I always anted to try anything from this brand + many beauty bloggers talk about The Ordinaray a lot. This is a facial cream with HA, Glycerin and lot more ingredients I don't understand, but they promise to hydrate your skin like nothing before. If it will help, I'll be more than happy. This is a full packaging and worth around $6.

Borghese, Fango Mud Mask
I got this purple one, which is called Firming Mud Mask for Face and Body. This mask should help with signs of aging, moisturizing and smoothing the skin. Honestly I wish I got the pink one, because that one is helpful for brightening the skin. The full packaging 17.6 oz retails for $100, but I got only a small sample of 0.89 oz so according my calculation this is for $5.

Model Co, Eye Lites Metallic Shadow
I've never heard about this brand before and honestli I spent two days googling this brand and product and girls, I'm probably the most anti technic person or then I can't explain why I can't find this product on the website. So the only thing about this metalic shadow is from the Look Fantastic guide. It gives a gorgeous sparkling and glowing finish. This should be a lightweight formula wearable all day or all night long. No idea how much I would pay or if it is a full size packaging, probably not.

Polaar, Icy Magic Roll On
This roll on eye cream reminds me Puff Off Under Eye from Benefit, don't yout think? The icy rollerball helps to de-puff the eye area and eliminate dark circles. I just tried it on my hand and girl, that is really cooling. Can't wait to put it on my eyes. This is a full size packaging for $32.

This Works, Deep Sleep Stress Less
Another product I am excited for. Lately The Baby Sleep Pillow Spray for a good sleep from the same brand is quite popular now and this product is  something similar and I am so happy that I got it in this box. When you're stressed you should roll onto pulse points and breath deeply. This is made from Lavender and Eucalyptus extracts. I've tried it once and it smells perfectly. This is not a full size, but still it is worth $14.

Myvitamins, Catwalk Queen
These vitamins and minerals in  15 capsules (for two weeks) has benefits for hair, skin and nails. I've never believed in these types of pills, so I'm little bit sceptic, but who know. This is exactly a half of the full packaging and it is worth $8.

I paid almost $19 for this box (I don't know if I mentioned that, but this box offeres always free shipping, no matter where you live). I don't know the exact price, because I didn't find the price of the Model Co Shadow, but what I know that I got six products which are worth at least $65. So yes, this box is worthy again.

What am I excited for?
I think this month was much better than the last one. I almost cried when I got my first product from The Ordinary, because I always wanted to try something from them. Also Deep Sleep Stress Less sounds like an amazing product, because I've heard great things about this brand too. The eyecream was a pleasant surprise and the other products are just a nice bonus. Can't wait to try them all.

Would be excited to try any of these products?

Have a great Friday and amazing weekend!

Love, Michelle <3

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  1. I would be so annoyed if I meant to only have a month subscription but I got charged again! At least you're happy with a lot of the products x

    Beauty From Katie

    1. Yeah, that's how I felt when I recieved the box. I was pretty angry.

  2. Argh, that's annoying to have to go all the way to the post office. But at least you're happy with your box!

    1. Yeah, I was angry but thanks this I kept the auto renew so I can't wait to get March box haha. :D

  3. Oh gosh, I would be seriously upset if they took my money without me knowing but did you cancel it or was it supposed to be a one time thing? But on a brighter note, that's a pretty good box!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. It was supposed to be a one time thing, but thanks the really bad "coincidence" I kept the auto renew till I decide to stop recieving the boxes.

  4. Yes, it keeps renewing automatically until you say otherwise. When I subscribed to my box in summer, I waited until it arrived and then I went back and cancelled it, not because I didn't like what I received but I thought with the money paid for the box I would purchase the products myself. But it is a lovely surprise and we always get excited to receive products in the mail :)


    1. Yeah, I wish I knew that before. They shoudl email you with auto renewing option, I think that would be fair. :)

  5. Hey at least you're happy with what's in your box. Hope you update us if you see any changes because of the supplement pills. Like you I never really believed in it (especially the hair gummies)

    - Avalon from simplyavalon.blogspot.com

  6. I use the This Works Sleep plus pillow spray every night and I absolutely love it. I have seen the roller ball before but never knew how it worked. I would love to know your thoughts on it.

    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com

    1. I think I already have some opinion, but I will wait a few more weeks, to actually know if everything works how it's promised. :)

  7. too bad that the box subscription was auto renewed without your permission. I have never tried anything from these products, they look really interesting !


    1. Yeah, that sucked, but now I can't wait to recieve new one, haha.


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