Sunday Survey, Vol. 18

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Hello lovelies,

today is Sunday and it means that's time for Happy Sunday Survey. Sunday Survey is another great way to share something from your life, but it's also great opportunity to get to know you guys! The principle is simple, I'll ask five questions, answer them and you can feel free to do the same. :)

1. This might be a lot personal question, but because I should start a new chapter in my life, my first question is what dating / meeting site have you been using?

Honestly, I've never used an actuall dating site in my life, but where I used to talk to other people a few years back was Interpals. It was never my intention, but it just happened, that thanks this site I dated a guy for over three years. 

2. Do you own a Pandora bracelets with charms? If yes, what's your story?

No, I don't but I was thinking about it a few times in past years. It looks nice and if you have a story behind, it could be great for memories. On the other hans, let's be honest, the price always puts me off and I rather spend that money on makeup then on some charms, haha. 

3. Do you like your tea plain or with milk?

Most of the time I love my tea plain, but when it comes to Earl Grey, I love to have it with hot milk and lots of sugar.

4. How was your weekend?

It was very nice. I met with my gorgeous ex roommate and had a lovely chat after a whole year. God I missed her. She also has a blog about lifestyle and fashion, go and check her out here, you won't regret. 

5. How often do you change a color of your nails>

Probably once a week, I can't stay to have same color for three or four months on my hands, it just looks so odd. If I am very crazy, I would change the nail polish in two days. I think nails should be good looking no matter what. 


All right guys, here are my answers and now I would like to read yours.

Have a great lazy Sunday!

Love, Michelle <3

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Sunday Survey is inspired by Monday Poll on  makeupandbeautyblog. 

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  1. Love this idea and loved reading your answers. I have to have tea with milk, I had a great weekend, I don't have a Pandora bracelet nor do I use any dating sites/apps although I did have tinder at some point. I change my nails as often as I can. Thank you for sharing! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Thank you so much for you answers! I love to read them! :)

  2. I have a broken Pandora bracelet :( But on it I had a teapot charm! They are so cute.
    Kate xx

  3. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. That teacup must be so cute.

  4. I love milky sugary tea, and I love changing my nail colour all the time too :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. Loving these questions! I love plain tea with lots of sugar! Chamomile to be exact :).


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