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Hey guys!

How I've already "said" on my 'About me' page, I'm just ordinary human being from the heart of Europe (if anyone didn't know what country is that, then I'll tell you the secret- it's the Czech Republic). I'm not saying I'm make up artist or someone who is really good at it. I can't even say I'm perfect in English.. BUT..  I'm trying. I wanna try to be better, I'd like to show myself and people around me that one day I could be at least half as good as the biggest make up artists and beauty bloggers/ vloggers. One day I'd like to look at the mirror and be proud of myself that I didn't give up my path and reached the end of my journey. Who knows what happen, maybe I'll be good, maybe I'll be one of the best, or I'll totally suck at it. :D But let's go and try. I will be more than happy if you join me and experiment with me.  I'm looking for new adventures!!

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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