Gold and blue cut eye look

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Hey guys!

Today I prepared for you gold and blue cut eye look, I hope you enjoy. 

For this look I used the scotch tape trick which creates perfect cut. Before you use any tape pull it on and off of the skin on your back of hand a few times so it doesn’t hurt when you pull it off in eye area. The tape also protect under eye area from falling the eyeshadows down. Once is the tape on, we can continue with our work. I used Jumbo pencil from NYX in Milk and eyeshadow Thirteen ( Urban Decay, Naked Smokey) on the inner corner. First half of lid - right side Caramel (Too Faced, Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar) and left side mixture of Dirtysweet and High (Urban Decay, Naked Smokey). Second half of lid - Blueberry Swirl (Too Faced, Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar) and for darkering outer corner I used Black Market (Urban Decay, Naked Smokey).  Same process I did with the lower lash line. At the end adding some eyeliner using Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner from Maybelline and Ardell Wispies lashes. 

Have a good day!

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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