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Hey guys!

Before I start to do some reviews, tips, what’s work for me and what’s not, I think I should mention something about my skin, hair and nails. Maybe some of you just asked something like „who cares about your skin..” and yes, you are right .. But .. Everyone has different type of skin, everyone has different problems with nails and hair and everyone has most fave and less fave products. I’m gonna talk about what works (or not) for me, for my type and if you have the same or similar skin / hair / nails, it might work for you as well.  So what I’m trying to say here is, that if you know my type, it can help you to create your own opinion on products which I will talk about. :) Let’s get start it!

- Dry and sensitive over the winter.
- Combination over the summer
- Problems with clogged pores, blackheads and from time to time with red / white pimples
- Color - very light with yellow undertone

- Big purple under eye circles
- "Chinese" shape - narrow and small
- Eyebrows not as thick as I wanted :D

- Color - medium brown, dyed on red-orange-light brown
- Super dry and damaged starting with October ending with March
- Oily after 2 days

- Waves of good looking nails and not good looking nails
- Short fingers, wide nails -> perfect shapes are almond, oval and stiletto
- Dry hands

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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