Purple Tonic

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Hello guys!

Today I'm bringing some Tonic purple eye look. I love Urban Decay eyeshadows and I think they make one of the best eyeshadow I've ever tried! When I was in USA last summer, I was craving for Solstice  single eyeshadow. I had just a few days before coming back to Europe and this eyeshadow was literally sold out everywhere! I was so desperate so I bought Tonic. Since that I can't put it down. This is such a beautiful color! You guys need it! … But back to the makeup look …

I packed Tonic (Urban Decay single eyeshadow) all over the lid, then I applied  the mixture of Hustle and Creep (Urban Decay, Naked) on the outer lid. Using Buck (Urban Decay, Naked) to blend everythin out. On lower lash line I used Creep (Urban Decay, Naked) on the outer lower lash line and Virgin (Urban Decay, Naked) on the inner lower lash line and inner corner. Added some black eyeliner to waterline and Ardell Wispies lashes.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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