How to deal with dry lips

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Hello guys!

I'm pretty sure, everyone knows it. Dry and chopped lips, nasty lipstick, burning pain and rush on the skin around your lips. This problem happens usually because of the weather. When autumn and winter come, dry air and cold temperature are killers for my skin, hair and lips.  So how do I deal with it? Keep reading.. :)

First thing what you need to do is hydrate your body. Dry lips are not caused just from cold and dry weather but mainly from your dehydrated body. Drink 2-3 liters water or tea (no caffeine) every day. When you are addicted to caffeine drinks (coffee, black tea, all energy drinks and so), you must drink water even more. Caffeine, as you know, is the biggest dehydrating bastard. So first rule - hydration, hydration and hydration. 

Second thing, you need to take care of your lips. First remove pealing parts from your lip using scrub. My fave scrub is Mint Julips from LUSH. It's 100 % natural, just sugar and oils. I have mint chocolate flavor. Sugar rubs your dead cells off and oils oil your lips. You can wipe the rest off with some towel or simply lick it off. It's tasty! This procedure repeat every day after shower. 

Now your lips are ready for more hydration. Put some chopstick, lip balm, oil, whatever you are satisfied with and put generous layer on your lips. How I've already said and probably will say many times, my holy grail is Carmex with their balm in jar. It heals over night, calms pain and  leaves minty fresh feeling. For me it's life savior!

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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