Green smokey eye

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Hello guys!

Today I'm bringing one of my older makeup looks again. I'm not a big fan of dark eye looks for daylight wearing, but I loved how this look turned out. Hope you guys like it (like me and mom did :D)!

For this look I simply used only three shades - green, black and brown. The whole thing about this makeup is blending, blending and blending again. If you don't blend, get yout brush right now and blend! If you don't know how to blend, don't worry, it's so easy! You need some blending (=fluffy) brush and do circle motions back and forth. ;)

I used Indo (Urban Decay, Shadow Box) as the main color of this look. I packed the green all over my lid. Then I took Naked (Urban Decay, Naked) to blend the green out. At the end I added  Blackout (Urban Decay, Shadow Box) on the outer corner. The very last step was everything blend together and blend the harsh edges. Same process on the lower lash line.

Have a nice day!

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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