Fire Look

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Hello guys!

Today I prepared for you photo tutorial on bright orange fire look. Hope you will like it! :)

1) I applied my favorite Jumbo Pencil from NYX in Milk as an eyeshadow base.

2) I applied Georgia (Too Faced, Sweet Peach) as transition color and on inner lid.

3) Then Substitute for Love (Zoeva, Cocoa Blend) on the rest of lid.

4) Brought the same shade all the way up to create the shape of eye and soften the edges with Bitter Start (Zoeva, Cocoa Blend).

 5) To darken the outer lid I used mixture of Freshly Toasted (Zoeva, Cocoa Blend) and Summer Yum (Too Faced, Sweet Peach).

6) Added some black eyeliner

7) and Ardell lashes in 105.

8) I coppied same shades to lower lash line.

9) Added some mascara to lower lashes and Nectar (Too Faced, Sweet Peach) in to inner corner of my eye.

And this is the final resault!

Have a fabulous day or night!

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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