Monthly Recap, Vol. 3

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Hello guys,

another month is behind us and I can't believe how the time flies so fast. This month was very busy for me, so this post is gonna be only about pictures. Grab a cup of coffee, some cake and let's enjoy my little throwback. :)

Last day in Czech I spent on a trip with my family. It was my last chance to visit my little brother before I flew to USA. Me, mom and brother went to explore one of our Czech historic town called Tábor. If you wanted to read little bit more about this town, look at this link

On October 2 mom drove me to Vienna airport, where I caught my flight to SFO. I kow that everyone always has the perfect pictures from plane, but I prefer aisle seats, because I always need to use bathroom all the time and it's nice to stretch legs when you are on 13 hours long flight. So I have only this picture from Frankfurt where I had my connecting flight. After all the attacks this years, there was double protection at passport control, entering to plane and on immigration. I was pretty nervous at customs, because this is my 4th trip to USA, but this immigration interview was the easiest  from all my visits (last visit I caught very angry and upset Mexican guy who tortured me there more than 30 min for no reason, he was mean and very rude to me and I was so nervous and almost cried in front of him). Anyway after 17 hours trip I was finally here - San Francisco + Santa Rosa - my second  home.

My second passion after makeup is food. So of course a lot of time here I spend in restaurants, fast foods, buffets, … This is just a piece of everything I've already eaten here. :D Me and N love sushi so much and we really miss Sake place in Jacksonville in North Carolina, so we are on a hunt for another great sushi place and I think we found it. If you guys will ever visit Santa Rosa (or if you live close), you need to try Haku Sushi on 7th Street. It's not like tha Sake place, but very similar. They have great menu and it's very very tasty. My personal favorite is Date Night.

Because in the Czech Republic we don't have ocean, so my first trip is always to see these beautiful sunset waves. Well, sunset wasn't that beautiful as we expected, because it was pretty cloudy, but it doesn't matter. At least we had chance to see big waves and try fish tacos and fish burger at local fishing buffet which reminded me the book the Old Man and the Sea.

For the first time I visited Luther Burbank Home & Gardens. This place is so peaceful and beautiful. I just wish I visited this place in summer when everything comes into bloom. 

One Saturday we went on a trip to Sonoma. This city is so beautiful and different. You can see some fabulous historic houses, museums, shops. Well, of course first place we visited was Black Bear Diner and second place was pet shop, where I fell in love in this cat. Afte these "unexpected" visits we went to sightseeing and catch some Pokemons.

We visited local Howarth Park, caught some Pokemons, fed ducks and swans and watched beautiful view of sunset.

From time to time I like to walk around this town. Just to clear my head, observe this culture and of course trying not to be such a fat ass.

My first Halloween ever, so I finally had a chance to see houses decorated with creepy masks, skeletons, ghosts, spiders, and so …

And my first Halloween store …

And my first Pumpkin Patch…

For the first time I went to casino and won $1.45 :D

I went to my first American bridal shower. It was fun, we did cake war with these two dick cakes.

And finally the wedding. It was supposed to be outside in beautiful forest place, but because it rained all week, it had to be moved inside to the dining hall. They did an amazing job with decorating, because the dining hall didn't look like dinning hall at all and it looked beautiful.

Okay guys, this was my October in pictures. I hope you enjoyed this month like I did. Feel free to tell me about the biggest / happiest memory from your October, I would be more than happy to read it. :)

PS: This wedding wasn't mine, but N's youngest brother.

Love, Michelle <3

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