New Year's Resolution

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Happy New Years guys!

Today is officialy first day of 2017. How do you feel? And how was your holiday? I know, I haven't post anything for the last week, but I decided to take some days off so I could've spent them with my family and guess what.. After all family visits I caught a bad flu, so the last 5 days I've spent in bed with fever. Besides this little unexpected event, my Christmas was perfect. Maybe the best one so far. My brother was so adorable with his presents and mom's happiness about her new coffee maker were  thousands dollars worthy. But I got great presents too. As I wrote in my Dear Baby Jesus post that I didn't wish or expected anything from beauty section, so all my presents might not be that much interesting for you guys. On the other hand, I appreciate every gift I got, because that reminds me that there are some people who care about me. :)

I didn't take a picture of all my presents, just some of them, but I got everything I had in my letter to Baby Jesus - Fitbit Alta, hair curler, set of pens and table calendar with cats and more.. Probably the best gift of this year is the electric toothbrush, now on I finally feel like my teeth are perfectly clean and hopefully it will help me with my problems. Christmast can't be Christmas without some tea and mugs, slippers and cozy clothes. And something I didn't expected but love so much is Smoothie maker / blender. Wasn't I just lucky again?😊

But let's get to the point of this post which is New Year's Resolutions. I know it's very popular to do it, but I would like to know if you guys do that too? When I was younger, I usually had something like "finally loose my weight" and so, but I never paid too much attention to actually do it. It is very weird for person who needs everything planned. I don't know if I ever mentioned that my life needs to be very organized? If not, well now you know. I have problems with something what I didn't know about before, or what I didn't count with. So I'm practicaly pretty boring person, I know. πŸ˜… Anyway, back to the main topic. In December I was thinking a lot about resolution and I think I am finally ready to make some list and hopefully keep it. So let's just jump into it.

Blog - I started to write this blong last year by the end of June. Before that I planned this for a long time, maybe 2 years? During the planning phase plus the beginning of blogging I had different image  about this blog. I wanted to focus only on eye looks. After two months I decided to change the view  and started to be more personal and more about beauty products. And I'm happy about the result. This year, I'd like to try improve little things on this blog - templates, pictures, backgrounds,… And add something more- more reviews and opinions, and maybe a little view on something what is not related to beauty - cooking - baking - reading, …

Not to be that lazy - Oh yeah, I'm very lazy person, but because I got my Fibit Alta for Christmas, I would like to start be more active. It's nice to try how many steps I walked, or how long I was active. I'm still in my twenties so I shouldn't be the person who always sits on his butt.

Fresh start - From last year I have been going through difficult time. I kinda lost myself somewhere between life and school. I don't think you want to hear my "depression period", so long story short… This year I'd like to finally try work on what is good for me and for my mental happiness. I would like to work on my future - work and home. I need to fight my anxiety, forget my past and find my new fresh start.

Read one book per month - I think I mentioned this in one of my Sunday Survey series, that I used to read a lot of book when I was in elementary school and high school. I was actually book junkie and my favorite place was library. Since I went to university, I stopper and prefered watched movies and tv shows. Now, this needs to change. I'm not expacting miracles, that I will read five books per month, but I'd like to try read one book per month. And to force myself and prove you guys, I would like to add little section to my Monthly Recap about book I read that month.

Once in a month try to cook or bake something I've never tried before - I like to cook and bake, but I'm lazy to do it. Or let me be clear, I'm lazy to try new things. I always see these amazing recipes on tv or on the Internet and always says "I need to try" and guess what? Never happened. So now, I wold like to try new recipe every month and report that on my blog.

Finally donate my blood - I've been dreaming about donating my blong since I was a kid. My grandfather and father donate blood their whole life and both of them got a lot of appreciation for help.  I could've donated my blood since I was 18 years old, but for some reason, I never did. This year I would like to change. I would like to go to my first appoitment and if I will be a good candidate, I would like to become a  regular donor.

Start to wear red and purple lipstick - I always care about what people think about me. When I started to wear full face of glam, it took me a lot of time to get used to that I'm little bit different that the others (I have a feel like in the Czech Republic, except Prague, people don't follow fashion and makeup trends, which is totally ok, because everyone can do whatever they want to do, but the problem is, if you are little bit different than the others, then people look at you and judge you). Today I can proudly say, I am not ashamed to wear smokey eyes with extremely long fake lashes and fat contouring during the day. But when it comes to red or purple lipstick, there is this little warm back in my head which tells me NO, that's too much. And I decided to fight this little monster and start to wear these colors, becayse they are gorgeous!

Be creative - When I was in USA, I bought my Create 365 Happy Planner, which I would like to decorate. Because of this I bought new watercolors, brushes, some washi tapes, stickers, stampers, inks and more. This year I hope I will try to be creative - decorating planner and drawing some pictures of makeup which I can hang on my walls.

That would be everything for my New Year's Resolution. You tell me guys if you have resolution as well and if you really keep them.

Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰

Love, Michelle <3

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  1. I love your New Years Resolutions Michelle! Mine last year was also to try making a new recipe each month, something I've never made before. I think I want to do that again this year! Good luck with yours. xx

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Thank you so much. I'm glad to hear that new recipes are quite popular. Maybe we could report each other what we tried to cook. :D

  2. Nice resolutions, have a great year! :)

  3. Ooooooh, purple lipstick, neat :-D I got my first purple lippie last year and I should really wear it more often...

    1. So let's make this year with purple lipsticks! Hooray


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