Sunday Survey, Vol. 11

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Hello guys,

I planned to show you some winter snowy day picture for this post, but right now, writing this Sunday Survey I realized how much I miss USA. How much the reality is real. Unfortunately and sadly I'm trying to except the fact, that my USA dream disappeard somewhere between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. So for now I would like to appologize for my nostalgic words and pictures in future.

Anyway, back to our classic intro - it's Sunday and it means that's time for Happy Sunday Survey. Sunday Survey is another great way to share something from your life, but it's also great opportunity to get to know you guys! The principle is simple, I'll ask five questions, answer them and you can feel free to do the same. :)

1. Gel or acrylic nails?
Lately I've been thinking about these two methods and I can't actualy decide which one is the best. It is a year since I bought my gel set, because I was convinced that the gel system is much better than  the acrylic one, but now? I've been watching Suzie from Nail Career Education and I'm slowly starting to fall in love with acrylic nails. Now I can't decide if I should invest in acrylic system as well. What do you think?

2. How often do you cut your hair?
When I was young, I thought that if I won't cut my hair, they will be longer… Well, for looong 2 years I paid for my stupidness, so now I know, that cutting my hair every one or two months is the best what I can do for my hair. 

3. What is your next travel destination?

I always like to say "you never know where the wind blows you", so I can't say for sure that my plan is gonna be the reality, but … Next time I would like to finally travel to Indonesia. I have a deal with my mom, that we will go together, so I hope we will do it this or next year.

4. Turkish honey or cotton candy?
When I was a kid and went to a fair, I always had the option of buying turkish honey (the white stuff with nuts) or cotton candy. No matter how much I loved  turkish honey, cotton candy is always my first choice.

5. What is your dream dog breed?
Oh my! I have a lot of dream dog breeds. I alwyas wanted the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, but I'm scared that his character wouldn't be the best for beginners. Then I love Border Collie, but I'm scared I wouldn't be able to give him the eneregy he needs to have. French bulldog is perfect partner for the crime, but he can be a huge pig - is it gonna be always cute and funny? And the best at the end - pomsky or mini husky! These two breeds are so cute and I think they would be great friends, but the biggest problem for me is - they are not in Europe. So the result? Who knows what's gonna happen, I might fall in love with totally different breed in future. :D

All right guys, here are my answers and now I would like to read yours.

Have a great lazy Sunday like one of my sweethearts in the picture!

Love, Michelle <3

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Sunday Survey is inspired by Monday Poll on  makeupandbeautyblog. 

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  1. Cotton candy and gel nails.
    I absolutely hate turkish honey, honeycomb and delight. They make my teeth go all funny argh.
    I've tried gels at home which was fine. When I was younger I had acrylics and they've ruined my nails. Well they were already pretty terrible to start with that's why I started with acrylics in the first place but man they made my nails soo thin and even years after I'd stopped they still feel like paper and don't grow:( x

    1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. So far I had great experiences with gel and acrylic nails.

  2. Such a lovely post. Great pictures.


  3. This is such a lovely post idea, hope you've had a lovely relaxing Sunday! xx

    Frances Kayleigh

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I had, I hope you did as well. :)

  4. Great catch up post. I do prefer gel nails, I think I've just heard too much negative press on anything else x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

  5. Love it. Please check out my new post on all things hair colour!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

    Instagram @alionawithlove

    Twitter @alionawithlove

  6. Ooo your travel destination 😍 I really wanna go to Indonesia too cause a friend of mine went and she absolutely loved it there! I got so jealous and I thought i wanna go too! Hehe.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, lovely! ❤

    1. That was the first impulse why I started to dream about going to Indonesia. My friend went to Indonesia for 3 weeks and she fell in love so bad, that I followed her. :D

  7. lovely post, I really enjoyed reading!

  8. I think I prefer gel nails but its personal preference really.
    Great post!

    Vanessa x |

    1. I agree. Thank you for stopping by! x

  9. I am tempted to try acrylic nails but have read so many horror stories about it destroying the nail bed so I'm afraid. I adore gel polish for my toes, they last forever!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Oh, I haven't tried gel nails on my toes! Damn it, I have to try it this summer. Thank you for the tip. <3

  10. I am all for normal nail polish over gel or acrylic, I am too quick to change my mind over the colour! I only cut my hair like once a year, but my hair is a trooper, and grows way too quickly! Love cotton candy, and my ideal dog would be a Labradoodle, I just love them! As for travel I would so love to go to Indonesia, so jealous! Realisitically I will next be going to spain lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Yes, I agree. That's what I do. I own only clear gel, so I can cover it up with my favorite nail polishes! Spain doesn't sound that bad! I actually wanted to visit Spain as well! Oh gosh, every breed mixed with poodle is so gorgeous. <3

  11. I don't think I'd like the extra hassle for getting gel or acrylic nails.
    I cut my hair once every six months! I'm trying to maintain my lob haha.
    My next travel destination might be the Philippines. My parents are really spontaneous when it comes to traveling so we don't really plan anything haha.
    I haven't tried Turkish honey so I guess cotton candy..
    I have a Dachshund which is one of my dream dog breeds. But another would be a Boston Terrier.

    I enjoyed reading your post and responding to your questions! :-)

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed! I loved to read your answers! <3

  12. Anonymous1/17/2017

    I just discover your blog, but i think it doesn't matter if you wanna know about me. Wahaha. Okay let's get serious now, huh?
    1. The only things i know about nails my nail remover and the nail polish. I'm not even sure we call it like this.
    2. I cut my hair once in the year. No comment.
    3. Wow, I'am absolutly not thinking about that cause I just moved in the Netherlands and Oh, Michelle, I missed my secound fly in Casablanca on the trip and started crying like it was my last day on earth. So not traveling plan for now.
    5. Well, Simba is a maltless and he's cute and funny and energic and cute.

    Now that you know sooo muuuuch about me and that I know soooo muuuch about you, let's be friend :-). Just to pull you a smile. Have a nice day.
    Vettae - So Frenchy Chic

    1. I'm happy you've discovered my blog! And I'm always excited to read everyone's answers! Oh, Vettae, I'm sorry to hear your not so happy traveling experience. When I flew home from USA, the first plane didn't have enough room for me, so believe me, I know how you fely, because I freaked out too. :D


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