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Hello lovelies,

today is the day, the day when I finished the Icy Magic after three months, plus I think it's time to actually write some reviews on products I got in my previous Look Fantastic Boxes. Like I mentioned before I think the best time to review skin care products are when I completely finish them, because it take some time to to see the result and make an opinion. When you have makeup you can see the result after a day maybe two, but skincare is just not as easy as everyone thinks, haha. I think it's enough of me blabbering and it's time to talk about this product. Icy Magic is an eye cream promising de-puffing magic and erasing dark cirlce. And how did it go? Keep on reading…

Price | This 10 ml bad boy is pretty pricy, because it's retailing over 30 bucks on official website and that is little bit pricier than the Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel (I compare it tp this eye gel, because it has the same principle).

Packaging | The cream is in silver tube with white plastic cap. The package is very elegant and I like it. The tube is made from tough material what made it little bit difficult to squeeze the all product out. When you open the cap, you can se roller ball from some metal.

Texture and scent | This is a really lightweight cream on a gel / water base side (if you know what I mean - it's a cream, but not completely cream) and it has semi-transparent white color. I usually prefer something thicker on my eyes with no gel base, but in this case I didn't mind, because the effect was great. On the other hand the scent was something I didn't like at all. It was chemical scent, not that strong, but tell me why, why they couldn't add something little bit more pleasant?

Application | The application is something addictive. The metal roller ball had amazing cooling effect on my puffed and swollen eyes in the mornings. Thanks to the water consistency the product applies so easily around the eye area. Even after the application the cooling effect was still going on.

Final thoughts | After three months of intensive using I must say that this product got me. I love the cooling effect so much that I actually didn't care that I didn't see any dark circle reducing, which of course I need as well. If it did reduce my dark circle then this would be the best eye cream I've ever used in my life. As I said, I used this cream for about three month every day, so yes I think this product worth the higher price. Because of the scent and not reducing my dark circles I rate this eye cream with four impressive stars.

What is your favorite eye cream?

Have a great day!

Love, Michelle <3

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  1. I think I received this eye cream in a subscription box but I haven't trued it yet. I love that it has a roller ball though.

    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com

    1. When you will, let me know what do you think.


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