Sunday Survey, Vol. 7

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Hello guys, 

it's Sunday and it means that's time for Happy Sunday Survey. Sunday Survey is another great way to share something from your life, but it's also great opportunity to get to know you guys! The principle is simple, I'll ask five questions, answer them and you can feel free to do the same. :)

1When you say Christmas, what do you imagine?

Family, orange, tagerine, scent of fresh balsam, lights, tea, hot czech punch and of course my favorite How the Grinch stole the Christmas movie!

2. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

As a proud Czech citizien I must say  cold draft czech beer, but sometimes when I wanna go "crazy" I  would prefer Mojito. :)

3. Current perfume?

For last 3 years I'm obsessed with Bruno Banani Woman scent. It's perfect for summer or winter. I just can't get enough.

4. What nail polish are you wearing?

Right now I have no nail polish on my hands. After press on nails I feel like my nails need little break to get back in shape (you know what I mean 😉). My goal is not to wear nailpolish at least for a month.

5. Would you rather have a pet snake or pet spider?

I would rather go with snake than spider. Spiders has been my biggest fear from my childhood. I don't know when it started, but these small-medium-large guys creep me out.

All right guys, here are my answers and now I would like to read yours.

Have a great lazy Sunday like one of my sweethearts in the picture!

Love, Michelle <3

I would be more than happy if you join the Bloglovin' party with me (I will follow back). :)


Sunday Survey is inspired by Monday Poll on  makeupandbeautyblog.

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  1. Fun read! I'd definitely rather have a snake than a spider even though I'd prefer none of them haha

    1. Thanks! Yeah kitties and puppies are much better option, right? :D

  2. Such a fun tag! And oh my god I would never want a 'pet' spider, you couldn't pay me to keep that, no way, haha! Heard fab things about that Bruno Banani scent, I'd love to try it! The way you describe it makes it sound so lovely. :) Thanks for sharing, hun! <3 xoxo


    1. Thank you. :) you definitely should try the Bruno Banani scent. I'm obsessed and can't imagine wearing something else. :D

  3. Love the post

  4. You are a Czech citizen!! That is where my ancestors are from :-) I was in Prague this summer and absolutely fell in love.. What a beautiful country..


    1. Oh really? That's awesome! I'm happy you loved my country. It's small but it has something magical. :)

  5. This is very fun to read ! i visited Czech Republic once and i absolutely love it !

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you fell in love with my super small country. :)

  6. I am the same with drinks. I love me a nice cold beer, but in the summer I sometimes go for a Mojito :)

    1. Right now I would give anything to have one Mojito coctail. :)

  7. Snake or spider?? Nooooo!!! I couldn't have a snake or a spider as a pet so I will stick to my cute german shepherd haha!! I think if I had either one of these two as a pet, I wouldn't sleep at night!!! Fun tag, I might do it myself!!


    1. I love german shepherd, you're very lucky to have one in your life. :)
      If you will do, let me know, I am curious.

  8. Such a lovely read! Thanks for sharing doll!

    Kisses & Happy Wednesday,


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