Dear Baby Jesus ..

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Hello guys, 

today I'd like to share with you my Christmas wishlist aka letter to Baby Jesus. Now, you might be wondering why Baby Jesus but not Santa Claus. Well that's simple, in my culture we get presents from Baby Jesus not from Santa Claus. Don't worry guys, I'll post a story about our traditions very soon, so keep posted.

I still remember days when I wrote my letters, put them behind my window and couldn't have woken up to see if my letters are really gone. And guess what, they always were. I remember the feel of happines and joy that Baby Jesus actually noticed that I wrote him and didn't forget me. Aww, how sweet childhood is..  Anyway, lately I always had one or two big wishes and that's it and this time is no difference. Because I treated myself with a lot of beauty products here in USA, so my Christmas letter is going to be everything but not makeup. Weird, right? I know. Also my mom is totally vice versa. She doesn't use anything except facial cream. Yes, your heard right. No mascara, no foundation, no eyeshadow and no lipstick. I totally get that, not everyone has to be beauty junkie like me and you guys. So I never expect anything beauty related, because my mom just doesn't know what to buy. :)

Well as I said, my Christmas wishlist is short and small. I think I can say I'm lucky to feel that I don't need  a bunch of things. Well, there difference between I want and I want. I want a lot of things, or I would like to have a lot of things, but there is just and small piece of what I really want / need / can afford. :)

1. Fitbit Alta in Teal
First time I saw this I totally felt in love with it and knew I need to have it. It's great sporttester and smart watch in one device. It's elegant, small and fashion (you can change bands). It's little pricier, so I waited a year to finally write about it to Baby Jesus. 

2. Hair curler
I was never good in doing my hairs. So everytime I do my full face of glam, my hair is one big disaster. So one of my next year goals (I'm gonna write my goals in one of future posts) is try to learn to do something with my hair. So hopefully hair curler will help me.

3. Set of pens
Our little tradition- set of pens for better new year. You'll never get enough of pens, so I'm always happy to get some new pens.

4. Fluffy socks
You guys, I think Christmas can't be Christmas withour socks as a present. I remember that we all hated when we were kids, but now? I'm happy to get some pairs, especially fluffy ones. Who doesn't want to put fluffy socks in cold long winter evening and watch movies? Just don't tell me I'm the only one.

5. Table calendar with cats
This is our second Christmas present tradition. New year is always behind the corner and you can't make it through without some great table calender with some cute kitties. 

What do you guys wish to find under the Christmas tree?

Have a great day!

Love, Michelle <3

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  1. It is nice to know more about other cultures! presents from baby Jesus is lovely. I would like as a present a hair curler too, but becareful because it damages a lot the hair. Come and see my blog too
    Gros bisous

  2. Thank goodness I'm not the only one that loves fluffy socks! I wear them around everywhere in my house and get so much use out of them in winter.

    My whole family has fittest as well (except me!) and they love them, they basically never take them off.

    1. Yeah, fluffy socks are the best!
      I can't wait to finally try the Fitbit. Mom wants one for herself as well, so it's gonna be fun. :)

  3. I hope you get to tick everything off your list on Christmas day!


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