Sunday Survey, Vol. 9

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Hello guys, 

it's Sunday and it means that's time for Happy Sunday Survey. Sunday Survey is another great way to share something from your life, but it's also great opportunity to get to know you guys! The principle is simple, I'll ask five questions, answer them and you can feel free to do the same. :)

1. When did you start to dye your hair?

Oh boy, I was too young when I started to use colors on my hair. I was in elementary school and I was around 10 years old.

2. Red or purple lipstick?

I'm gave myself goals to start wearing these type of colors. I'm not quite used to it and still not feel good in it, but I'm working on it. So now on I have to say - both!

3. What piece of clothes is like a nightmre to buy?

For me there are two things. Pants and shoes. Pants were always pain in my ***.  I'm a curvy girl and I have always been. I have thick thighs and medium ass. I always have two problems - pants don't fit on my thighs or when they actually do, then it's too loose above my butt. And shoes, I don't know why, but I have a hard time find shoes I really like and when I finally find them, then my size is usually sold out. What a sad story, right? 😂

4. Do you spend a lot of money on sunglasses?

No. This is actually one of not many things I don't spend my money on. I was always good to go with some cheap pair of sunglasses and change them every year or every second year.

5. Have you ever read any Christmas book?

After all these blogmas post about favorite Christmas movie, it made me think, what about books? Do you guys have any favorite Christmas book? Because sadly I don't remember that I have ever read any Christmas related books. 

All right guys, here are my answers and now I would like to read yours.

Have a great lazy Sunday like one of my sweethearts in the picture!

Love, Michelle <3

I would be more than happy if you join the Bloglovin' party with me (I will follow back). :)


Sunday Survey is inspired by Monday Poll on  makeupandbeautyblog.

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  1. Buying pants are so difficult for me too! Haha

  2. Your cat is sooooooo cute!
    That picture instantly made my day.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

    Vanessa x |

  3. The only Christmas book I read recently was one Christmas story I read with my goddaughter, she is 6 and learning to read and she loves Christmas stories. But apart from that, I haven't read a Christmas book in ages and when I think of it, it's sad cause I love to read!


    1. Such a sad truth, right? I wish I read some Christmas story too.

  4. I love your Sunday Survey series, it's so much fun! Let's see my answers...

    1. In my 20s for the first time and I think I dyed my hair a total of 3 times all together. I'm just not a fan of the maintenance.
    2. Red lips all the way for me! LOL!
    3. Pants for sure, the fitting is impossible for my body type!
    4. Yes, I always go for designer sunglasses and my favourites are from Dior and RL.
    5. Nope but I do read a lot of Christmas theme blog posts, does that count? Haha!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thank you so much for your answers! I loved reading them. :)


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