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Hello guys,

I promise, this is the last haul from my visit in USA. I wanted to seperate this in two different hauls, but then I was not sure, if you guys were not bored of these posts, so I decided to show everything from November,  Black Friday, Cyber Monday and December in one post. I'm leaving in four day back to Europe, so it looks like I am done with shopping. I can't wait to see my family again and spend the Christmas time with them, but on the other hand leaving USA is always painful and I wish I could stay longer. Anyway, let's get back to last haul for this year. 

These products I got between November and beginning of December, but not on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

Neutrogena, Triple Moisturue Deep Recovery Hair Mask
When I came to USA, I wanted to try OGX shampoo and conditioner. I used these products for a 2-3 weeks and I was very unhappy with the result. My hair were in horrible condition, they squeezed I couldn't have brushed them without pain and the OGX Coconut oil mist wasn't enough. I knew I needed something more. I googled some masks review and everyone raved about this mask, so I thought I need to try.

L'Oreál, Purify & Mattify Pure-Clay Mask
Since I've arrived here, my skin started to act crazy. My face, especially forehead was full of clogged pores and big watery bumps, so I needed sometging to clean my pores. I wanted to try this new mask anyway, so it's great opportunity to buy it. 

CLINIQUE, Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner and & Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Palette
I was verry lucky to get these two products from N's aunt. I'm very greatful for this gift and happy to try it.

Benefit, KA-BROW!
This product wasn't planned at all. Maybe you remember that I bought ABH Dip Brow, but I wasn't happy with the color and texture, so I went to return this product with no intention to replace it for something else. Well, you know. You get to the store and they try to talk you into something else, so I ended it up with this product.

Ardell, Wispies
Believe it or not, but when I was at the wedding in October, I lost my pair of Wispies somewhere. I don't know how, but I just did. So I had to buy a new pair of course.

Kiss, Flirty
I was at store to look for Wispies lashes from Ardell, but they didn't have them in stock, so I decided to try something new and this one caught my attention.

NYX, HD Studio Photogenic  Concealer
I love this concealer and this is probably my 3rd or 4th packaging. There is no special reason for me to buy this products. I just finished my previous bottle, so I needed a new one.

Burt's Bees, Brimming Berry
Two days before wedding I decided to go with berry lips, but unfortunately I didn't bring this color to USA, so I ran to the store and bought the first berry lipstick I saw.

E.L.F, Moisturizing Foundation Stick
Sometime in October / November I saw KathleenLights reviews on foundation sticks from drugstore and high end brands. I wasn't sure if I would like the concept of foundation, so I decided to try some foundation stick from drugstore. She wore this foundation in her video and I liked the way how it looked on her, so I bought it.

LORAC Cosmetics, LORAC PRO 2 
This palette was a pre-Christmas gift from N. He wanted to buy me something what I wouldn't buy myself and at that moment I knew what I wanted - Lorac Pro 2. I know this is not the most popular palette from Lorac Cosmetics, but I usually buy warm tone palettes, so I wanted some change.

Then there was Black Friday and I went for little shopping, because I hate a lot of people in one place. 

Smashbox, Light It Up Glossed to Go Set
I talked about this in Christmas gift set ideas. The price point is unbelievable, for six amazing lip glosses I paid only $25. Isn't that crazy? I knew I needed to have this.

Too Faced, Merry Kissmas
I read and heard about this set over and over. When I was in Sephora I decided to buy this and finally try their famous Melted lipsticks.

M.A.C., Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Soft Frost
When I saw M.A.C. new collection of unicorn highlighter I knew I needed this one as a substitute for Moonchild kit from ABH.

M.A.C., Pigment in Rose
My original plan was to buy pigment from their Nutcracker collection, but because I actually liked only one color, I decided to go only with this mini size in Rose color.

My last products are from Morphe Brushes which I ordered on Cyber Monday for 25% discount. Let me tell you a sad story. I have been waiting for 35B palette for a loooong time and finally when I was ready to order it, it was out of stock. Now when I'm leaving in a few days, it's been back in stock. Is that fair?

Morphe Brushes, 35O palette & 18 pcs brush set
35O palette was a big hype on the Internet lately, so I decided to try it out as well. It kinda surprised me how small is this palette, I expected something bigger. 😂 The brush set isn't something what I expected, but I don't regret buying this. Maybe next time I should buy single brushes instead of set.

What do you think about these products?

Have a great day!

Love, Michelle <3

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  1. Oh wow what an amazing haul of products, I love the MAC Skinfinishes xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thank you! I am very excited about every single product. :)

  2. I´m so jealous! I always wanted a Lorac palette but they are impossible to get in the UK.
    Great post!

    Vanessa x |

    1. Same here. I waited a year to finally get the palette.

  3. You got so much! I recently got the Lorac Pro 3 and I love it, the Pro 2 is next up on my list! I find Morphe palettes massive haha but for holding so many shadows I guess it does seem small lol

  4. I'm going to the US in Jan, cannot wait! These all look fab, I love Lorac and really want to get my hands on some Neutrogena products as well xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Enjoy your trip and buy everything you are looking forward! :)

  5. Looks like you got some great stuff!

    1. Yeah! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. wow great products ! i love the kiss lashes and the too faced set is really a great value !

  7. My goodness, this is such an amazing haul! Will you be making an in-depth review on some of these?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Of course I will. Just need some time to make an honest opinion. :)

  8. I've fallen head over heels for the Smashbox glosses - the colours are divine and I can't believe how inexpensive they were. Awesome haul Michelle, well done xxx

  9. You got some great things girl! Love Burt's Bee's and the Lippies that you got have some great colours as well! Can't wait to see swatches and full reviews on them <3

  10. Oh my gosh, I am sitting here so jealous of all of those products hahaha

    Laura ||


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