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Hello guys,

today I had a dream about circus. I don’t know why, because it’s been ages from my last visit. I even don’t have any memories of it…but had this dream. So when I woke up, I immediatelly knew how my next eye makeup  is gonna look. Maybe some of you guys are raising your eyes up and thinkinkg, how is this similar to circus. Well, I don’t know either, but when someone asks me what circus evokes in me, they are these colors - red and yellow. 

First I sketch my new cut crease with Summer Yum (Too Faced, Sweet Peach).

Then I buff out the new crease using Candied Peach and Peaches n’ Cream (Too Faced, Sweet Peach).

To bring more depth to the crease I used Freshly Toasted ( Zoeva, Cocoa Blend) and blend it out with Summer Yum (Too Faced, Sweet Peach).

Outline the lower lashline with Summer Yum (Too Faced, Sweet Peach and blend it out with Candied Peach (Too Faced, Sweet).

Fill the gap with Jumbo pencil from NYX in Milk.

6 Cover the gap with yellow glitters, add some eyelashes and mascara and highlight under the brow bone and inner corner with White Peach (Too Faced, Sweet Peach).

You guys tell me, what does circus evoke in you and when is the last visit of yours?

Love, Michelle <3

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  1. Your eyes are such a unique colour!!! so pretty!



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