Monthly Recap, Vol. 2

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Hello guys, 

because it's Sunday, which means it's Happy Sunday post and because October finally came, I'm bringing another Monthly Recap from September. September was pretty busy and I enjoyed it. This month was last month in Czech Republic, because right now I'm somewhere in the air on plane on the way to USA. Hopefully I'll survive everthing everywhere and land safely. But let's get back to my September Recap. :)

First week was a week of books and movies. I finally bought my first Marvel comic book  - 1st edition Avengers. Next amazing book was The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. This book is pretty good one and I recommend to everyone. You might be bored in the beginning, but make sure you stay for 2-3 chapters. Then you will love it!

I went to visit my lil brother at the hospital. We walked around the area and saw these beautiful arts. 

Had lunch and dinner at currently favorite French restaurant called Magdalena. This restaurant has style and looks stunning. I love spending time there and the food? It's tasty! <3

And I visited two cities I've never been before. The first one is called Bechyne. Bechyne is lovely small town with castle from 13th century. 

And second town I visited this month was Pisek (in English translation - "sand"). Pisek is middle-sized town famous for Film Academy and the oldest bridge in our country and second oldest in central Europe (Pisek Stone Bridge). We were so lucky to see this beautiful art from SAND! If you haven't noticed, these statues are from fairytales: Hansel and Gretel, donkey Eeyore, Long, Broad and Sharpsight,…

I think I really enojoyed September. Now I'm looking for adventures in USA!

How was your September?

Love, Michelle <3

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  1. I've always wanted to visit the Czech Republic, I love the architecture of the cities there, and it seems like such a beautiful place in general! Those sand sculptures are my favourite, thank you for sharing. <3


    1. You're welcome! I think you definitely should visit CZ. If you come here, you can't miss Prague. This city is beautiful and has rich history, so make sure you have some guide book! Every sight has own interesting history. ;)


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