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Hello guys,

I got my hands on two facial sheet masks from Sephora. The first one was Masque Grenade Pomegranate Mask, the second one was Masque Grenade Green Tea. I have a few notes about them:
  • you can reuse it once or twice.
  • leaves it for 15 minutes in your face and just relax
  • the smell wasn’t perfect, it actually did smell pretty bad
  • fits on face
  • skin is sticky after using the mask
Pomegranate Mask:

  • promised anti-fatigue and energizing effects which I think it did
  • skin was nicely hydrated
  • helped to get rid off imperfections

Green Tea Mask: 

  • skin wass less hydrated than with Pomegranate one
  •  healed pimples
  •  stopped imperfections for next 2-3 weeks

Would I buy this mask again? Yes. Would I use it every week? Probably no. The mask might costs $6, but I think there are better mask on the market and much cheaper. I think I will use this mask when I want to deeply relax, because that’s what this mask can really do. So because of this I'm rating this mask only with three stars.

Have a nice relaxing day!
Love, Michelle <3
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  1. Well they sure sound effective Michelle! Pity about the fragrance - I tend to go for masks where I can enjoy the whole experience xxx

    1. Same here. Having mask on my face is part of my relax ritual, so it should definitely smell good! :D

  2. Great review Michelle. The scent would kinda put me off. I've tried the yellow one and a pink one and I found the decent and relaxing for a pamper sesh x

    1. Thanks Louise! :)
      Maybe I should give another try to different colors.. Next week I will go to Sephora, so I will look at the yellow one and pink one. ;)

  3. I've been using more Japanese and Korean masks,they go a bit crazy and put in 40 masks per packet!!

    1. Thank you for you recommendation. :) I've been thinking about Asian skin care products a lot, but still can't find the way to these products. :D

  4. Interesting read!! I did not know that you could reuse these!

    1. It is super wet even for second time, so I did reuse it. :)


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