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Hello guys,

last week I talked about back to school beauty essentials, which I would use. According this post I’ve decided to show you some natural and „naked” eye look, which I would probably wear many times. It’s quick, it literally took me about 5-10 min to create, and I used products I’ve mentioned in previous post. Hope you guys like it and got some inspiration. :)

As I told you last time, when I was going to grammary and high school, I prefered something easy, quick and not extreme. So I took my preferences and create this look. For brows I used brow pencil from Catrice ( Eye Brow Stylist in 040 Don’t Let Me Brow’n). It is not precise brow pencil, but I think that as a student I wouldn’t need perfect precise bold eyebrows shining thru the school hall. :D So I just filled the eyebrows to make them fuller. :) And now the eyes… I know myself and I know how my super early morning looks like - I do not think at all. I wouldn’t have anything prepared, didn't think about any specific color, so what I would basically do, I would mix almost eveything from the Naked palette from Urban Decay -> and I did. As a transition color I used Naked, then applied Sin on all over my lid. I wasn’t happy how the cool tone showed up, so I warmed it little bit with the Half Baked. To darken the outer corner I used mixture of Darkhorse, Smog and just tiny little bit of Creep. On the outer part of lower lash line I Used Smog and on the inner part Sidecar with Naked. To highlight under the brow bone and inner corner I used Virgin. On my water line I applied Sephora  Contour Eye Pencil 12HR wear in 15 Flirting Game. At the end I put false eyelashes, but this step is really unnecessary so you can just go with mascara and it’s done. :)

How does your school makeup lool like?

Love, Michelle

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