Random Facts, Vol. 2

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Hello guys,

as I promised, I will share with you something from my life. In Random Facts I will choose five facts about me, my pets, family, … You know, just random bullshit and post them on Happy Sundays. So if you wanna know some pretty boring and useless facts, then please stick around.

1: I have a vision problem - farsightedness.

2: When I was in high school, I experimented with colors of my hair. I had blonde streaks, ombre, light brown, dark brown, black, red, orange, purple and copper.

3: Detective stories (books,  movies, tv shows) are my life.

4: I have been in 9 countries (not including the Czech Republic). Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia, England, Djerba, Slovenia, Slovakia and United States.

5: At the end, I think I should confess. I'm not a fan of Friends. I don't understand their humor and I just don't love them. I know, I'm sorry, I'm a rat. :D

That's it guys! I really did enjoy this again, so hopefully it wasn't that boring

Hope you guys having great Sunday!

Love, Michelle

PS: I joined the Bloglovin' community, I'd be more than happy if you join the party with me. :)


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  1. Whaaaaaat? Not a Friends fan? GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!!


    1. I know, I know.. I'm horrible person. :D :D


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