Monthly Recap, Vol. 1

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Hello guys,

August was month of mushrooms and spending time in woods. Picking mushrooms is big thing in my country. Everyone is impatiently waiting when first mushroom shows up. There are facebook pages, blogs, even reports in local news about it. Everyone shares their catches, opinions, experiences,  etc… There are two "seasons" when they grow up. First wave is in July/ August, then break and coming back in September. So now we are just waiting for second wave. Hopefully they show up soon. :)

 If I should count how many hours I've spent in woods, it might be half of the month. :D :D No, I'm just kidding. I don't know, but what I know is that I walked more than 70 km (43,5 miles). I'm proud of myself. It was nice workout in perfect environment - fresh air, beautiful view, what else you need. 


 This is just piece of many mushrooms we pick. If you mushrooming, you definitely know them, if not, let me tell you: Boletus, Macrolepiota procera, Lactarius volemus, Dendropolyporus umbellatus. These are Latin names, I'm not sure how they are called in English. :)

After 4 hours  of walk, we always came home with full baskets. :)

I did some trips around my region. In the left pictures you can see Žofín which is national nature reserve. Woods, woods and woods. Beautiful landscape for cycling, walking, mushrooming, … You can do whatever you want to. In the right picture is village called Smržov. Let me explain you something. My last name is Morchella, Morel (choose whatever you like more) which is actually edible mushroom in real world. In Czech this mushroom is called Smrž (which is obviously my real name :D ). And as you can see, the village is called Smržov - very close to my last name. We went there to spend some time, eat and drink beer. Beautiful day. 

And of course, whole month I was playing Pokemon Go. I usually play with my brother, so we walked through the whole town. My home town was founded in 1256 and the architecture is influenced by Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. What you can see in the pictures? Town Hall and Samson fountain.

Hope you guys enjoyed August as I did!

Love, Michelle 

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