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Hello guys,

September is for many of us month of beginng of school. This is gonna be my first year when I will not sit behind the desk. In a month and 2 days I'm gonna sit on a plane on the way to USA again and I can't wait. Definitely don't regret the decision. ;)

But back to the post… Let's be honest, after first week no one really cares how he / she looks like. :D If you had to choose to wake up at 5 am and do full face makeup and be beautiful for classmates who actually don't care or if you could wake up at 6 - 6.30 am and do some simple stuff and leave in 30 min.. I'm pretty sure, everyone is gonna choose the second option, am I right? So for those of you guys, I'm bringing you some my school makeup tips for everyday. :)

Be honest again and "confess" - not everyday is day when we have pefect hair, all shiny and clean. For those days, when you have oily hair and don't want to look like *****, use Dry Shampoo  from Batiste. This has been one of my best friends since high school. Wake up, brush hair, spray some dry shampoo, massage through with fingers and style the hair. Isn't it easy? Oh yeah! That's why I love it!

When we are done with hair, move on to our face. I don't think that foundation is school essentials, but everyone had some pimple in their life. For this case, you cover it up with concealer and set it with powder. If you are oily skin type, dust your face with powder too. My all time fave is Stay Matte from Rimmel. It's cheap, light, matte and stay on for long time. :)

For eyes I always use mascara. One of the best is Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced, it gives volume and length. For quick eyebrows (eyebrows are the frame of the face) I use Brow pencil with spoolie. It doesn't have to be precise how I would do when full face makeup, but just fill the brows so they don't look naked. Most of the days I would be done. But sometimes I can feel like I want some eyeshadow. For school I think everyone should wear something neutral, so my go to palette would be Naked from Urban Decay

At the end put some shiny and metallic lip gloss (my all time favorite Mega ShineLip Gloss from NYX in Beige Pearl). This shade is perfect for every day and go with any makep look. 

So that's my back to school beauty essentials, what are yous? :)

Have a wonderful day and happy new semester!

Love, Michelle

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