Summer Look

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Hello guys!

Today I was in mood for summer bright and dark makeup look. This is how it turned out. Hope you guys like it!

At the beginning I applied Candied Peach (Too Faced, Sweet Peach) all over my lid, Summer Yum (Too Faced, Sweet Peach) in to my crease and then I used Puree (Too Faced, Sweet Peach) to blend out the crease shade all the way up. To clean  the edges I used Peaches ’n Cream (Too Faced, Sweet Peach). All over the lash line I packed Summer Yum (Too Faced, Sweet Peach), to darken the outer lower lash line I used Blackout (Urban Decay, Shadow Box) and to lighten the inner part I used Puree and Candied Peach (Too Faced, Sweet Peach). To highlight the under the brow bone area and inner corner I mixed Nectar and White Peach (Too Faced, Sweet Peach).

Have an amazing day!

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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