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Hello guys!

A few weeks back I went to Douglas to look at NYX products again. Vivid Brights liquid liners were for a long time on my wishlist, but for some reason it took me months to finally get hands on them. Since they came out I was craving for these colors: red (Vivid Fire), dark purple (Vivid Violet), yellow (Vivid Halo), pink (Vivid Petal) and bright green (Vivid Escape). Unforunately, what always happens, almost every color was sold out except orange, bright and dark green ones. So I ended it up with 03 Vivid Escape and 08 Vivid Delight.

These eyeliner comes in long tiny bottle with 0.06 fl oz / 2 ml of liquid formula. The eyeliner wand is long enough to work with and ends with fine brush tip.

03 Vivid Escape is very bright highlight green color.
08 Vivid Delight is an orange shade with warm undertone.


Liquid formula which dries matte.

03, 08 - Easy to work with
0308 - Easy removal
0308 - Doesn't run
0308 - Stay all day on
0308 - Amazing bright colors
0308 - Dries matte
0308 - Dries quickly
03 - Brush tip is perfectly cut to make precise wing
03 - cracks a lot
03 - doesn't make a straight line
03 - blurs
03 - when I tried to build it up, it broke up and made patchy
03 - not good looking up close
08 - Brush is broom, harder to make precise wing

So after all, I've decided to give some rates. Same brand, same products, but not same formula.

Vivid Escape is very nice bright green color and I really wished this one worked for me, but only what I can see are the cons which I can't forget. Because of them I'm giving this eyeliner only two stars.

Vivid Delight is beautiful warm shade which I didn't expect I would've fallen in love with. Except the bursh which I will have to recut and make it better, I love how smoothly does apply and doesn't crack at all. I think this shade deserves four stars.

 Have a great day guys!

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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