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Hello guys!

Eyeliners might be nightmares for many of us and yes, I know the feel when you try apply your wings and it still looks like broom. Everytime I see the perfect wing in pictures, I always drool. :D BUT.. I never give up. I try over and over and one day, I swear, it’s gonna look perfect!For those of you, who have no idea, how to do the wing or maybe just look for new tips, I’d like to show you my way how to apply eyeliners :)

From all the options of eyeliners I’ve been always working with gel eyeliner from Maybelline (Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner). It’s really nice matte black which applies very smoothly. The only negative thing I see in getting dry after 8-10 months, but it’s not that big problem, because it costs just only $10. It comes with little brush which is not bad but not perfect, so I use PRO Bent liner / Eyeliner precision number 23 from Sephora. This brush is nicely bent, so you can get anywhere and small plus tiny so you can do precise wing. When I do mistake, I always correct with some concealer (currently Maybelline FIT Me number 10) with two brushes Hakuro H61 and H85.

Let's look at the tutorial how I do it. :)

1) The wing should continue as lower lash line.

2) I always "sketch" the point where the lower edge of wing go.

3) Then I bring the point to outer corner which creates lower edge of wing. Straight line from the tip of the wing to the center of lid created upper edge.

4) Last step is connecting inner corner with the rest of the line. If there is any smudge or blur, just correct with cocealer. 

5) Very last step is connecting inner with the rest of the line. If there is any smudge or blur, just correct with concealer.

Was it that complicated? Yes or no, let's try it again and again and be sure that one day it's gonna look perfect!

Have a great day or night!

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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