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Hello guys!

My previous post was called "Summer Look" what is actually funny, because today I feel like I did my nails in fall theme. I don't know why, but I feel like the summer is over and I should be preparing for fall. Honestly, I can't wait, those cold - hot days, blazers, jackets, scarfs and makeup. Fall is the most creative season for me and not just because of the colors!

Anyways back to my nails. Today I'd like to show you my first "nail art". I can't talk about real art, because this is like "nothing" and I'm pretty sure that it's "primitive" and "not good looking" for most of us.. But.. I've tried. Everyeone has to start at some point and then might get better or worse, right? I hope I'll be the first case. :D :D So please, you can be judgy, but keep "this is my first time" in notice. :)

A few days back I got nail fan brush. It's nothing fancy and expensive, but I wanted to give a try. This fan brush is from Avon, hair is kinda rough and I think they separate in bigger sections than I would prefer. So basically what I did. I painted the base color O. P. I., You're So Vain-illa (the beige-white color). And then I took the fan brush and painted stripes from both edges of nail to the center. First I started with O. P. I., I Knead Sour-Dough (brown-plum color), then I applied CND, Lost in Spice (copper shade) and at the end China  Glaze, Mingle with Kringle (gold shade). And that's it, this is my result.

PS: When I took pictures of my nails and fingers, I was shocked how horrible and non photogenic my hands are! Holy moly,.. I'm sorry. :D :D

Have a great day guys!

Love, Michelle

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