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Hello guys!

Today I’d like to show you my wedding look which I wore on step-sister’s wedding a few weaks ago. Before I show you this look, let’s talk about one thing. I understand, that not everyone is into make up and beauty, but what I don’t understand is that when you hire someone to do your makeup and you pay for that, then you should get the job done on some pretty good level, don’t you think? I’m no make up artist, but what I can say for sure, my make up stayed all day on unlike bride’s make up.. Wtf.. Her face was much darker then her body, the conturing and „smokey” eyes were horrible and the biggest joke? Her face melted off after 4 hours. I felt really sorry for her and wished she did better job in hiring someone who has is on some level. So please.. Whatever occasion you gonna go, please, search for someone who knows what to do and avoid disasters like my step-sister’s bride makeup.

Anyway back to the eye look. I wanted something easy, but still good loking and something not that glamour, but still special. Because I had to wake up at 6 so I could’ve left at 6.30 a.m., I needed something pretty fast. I wore black dresses with gold undertone so I decided to stick with the the gold shade. I applied Marry - Lou Manizer from TheBalm on all over my lid and inner corner. Then I darken my outer lid with Truffled (Too Faced, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar). Everything was blended out with Mousse (Too Faced, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar). Same process on lower lash line. At the end I applied Vivid Brights in Vivid Delight from NYX and some falsies.

Hope you guys like it! Have a great day.

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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  1. Ooooh I love that pop of color! <3

  2. Oh my! Your macro shots are insane! Beautiful eye makeup you got there! I hope your blog will get more exposure!


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