My Dream Beauty Room

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Hello guys!

Today I'd like to show you my dream beauty room. Right now I'm not in the perfect position to have my own beauty room where I can chill, work on my makeup and blog. It's not like I don't have my own room.. :D :D Just things are kinda complicated.. In a year my family is gonna move in to new house, but honestly I hope as soon as I can I will leave this place and start living my life someplace where my heart is. And when this happens My Dream Beauty Room comes true.

Since I can't redecorate my current room at least I can create it online. I think IKEA has some application, but I couldn't find it, so I searched again and found this awesome site Home Styler whre you can create your own design of indoors and outdoors. Working with this site was very esay, you just find everything you need and place it in your fiction room. You work in 2D view, but can use 3D view to look how it really looks like. When you're done (or not) save your work in their website, as pdf to your computer, or print it.

There are only 2 things I didn't like on this app: first - you can't change color on items and second - the saved imagines weren't in good quality ->  I had to do print screen, but the quality of these aren't perfect either. But besides these two cons I think you should check this site out. It's very good for planning or just organizing your thoughts. :)

Now, let's take a look at my dream world!

Where the windows are I'd like to have workin space with computer. It's because when I'd like to read or write something, I would have enough daylight. The windows would be covered with long curtains.

Next wall would be with my makeup desk with file cabinets and mirror with light balls. :)

On the side where would be door, I would like to have my closet with wall mirror. I don't have too much clothes or shoes, so I don't think I would need whole dressing room. :D

And on the last side I would like to have a sofa where I could read, relax, sleep, watch tv shows,.. In right corner I would like to have shelvings units for more makeup and decorations or books. :)

At the end I'd like to say, that the beauty room should be in white color with gold / black / silver accesories.

How does your beauty room look like?
Have a beautiful day!

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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  1. I hope that our next place will have enough space for a beauty room! But until I can just fantasize about it.


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