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Hello guys!

I'm pretty sure I've already told you the story, how I "accidentaly'' bought this eyeshadow. For those of you who didn't read, long story short … When I was in USA last summer I was desperately looking for shade Solstice. I had just a few days before coming back to Europe and this eyeshadow was literally sold out everywhere! I was that desperate so I bought Tonic  and I'm very happy I did it, because … Just wait for it.. :D

The packing is made from plastic with 0.05 oz / 1.5 g of product. It looks very luxurious, but when you hold it, it's super light, so it might feels like cheaper packaging.

Tonic is single eyeshadow from Urban Decay. The color is light lavender purple with very bright and  light blue iridescent sheen. 

Pigmentation can be very decent or out of control, that's what I love about this color. When you put one thin layer, it shows very decently, but if you want to build up, you definitely can!

Texture is velvety soft, maybe my smoothest eyeshadow I own. It's not powdery at all with no excess. 

Because of the amazing texture the application is like heaven - great color payoff and easy to blend are everything you need to. I can recommend applyinh this shade with dry brush, but you always can use wet brush for intensifying or your fingers. There is no rule for this.

At the end longevity is great like Urban Decay can do. It gives me all day, which is something what I require.

Levander purple color.

Blue iridescent sheen.

 Left to right: 1- without base, 2- with white base, 3- with black base.

After all, I think you already know the final rate for this eyeshadow. For all the superlatives I wrote, I'm giving full 5 stars to this amazing shade which I can't put out of my hands! I love this color and recommend this to everyone. It's great payoff and magical color which I believe everyone can wear.

Hope you guys having great day!

Xoxo, Michelle <3

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