Things That Goes Through My Mind When I Apply Makeup

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Hello gorgeus people out there!

Today I surfed on the Internet and saw this great post on The Makeup Aficionado and thought it's funny so why not to write mine? So here I am, with my way version of "Things that goes through my mind when I apply makeup". Hope it will make you smile. ;)

*I have an hour to get ready for meeting with a friend and go out to eat*
- Today I'm definitely going with light hand, nothing crazy, just simple eyes, mascara, BB cream, just fresh everyday look.
- Let's just moisturize my skin, hopefully today my dry areas won't show up like always do.
- After 2 minutes* Did I wait too long? Did cream already soaked in? I'm pretty sure it's fine, I waited at least 10 min.
- What eyeshadow palette I should use? Basic look? Then let's go with some neautral palette.
- Uhm …It's so dull, let's add some darker shades and shimmer shades.
- It needs some tiny small eyeliner.
- Hmm.. Right eyeliner went very well, left one is little bit bigger… I need to make them even. *After 15 minutes and correcting both eyeliners, it endeded it up with big ass bold eyeliners on both eyes*
- This eyelook needs false lashes.. Wispies or duble up dramatic lashes?
- Amazing, eyes are done, now the skin - YOU CANNOT FORGET THE PRIMER!!
- My God, You're beautiful. It's like the first time when we open the door, before we got used to usual. It might seem superficial, stereotypical, man. You dress up just a little and I'm like "Ohhh, damn". So sudeenly I'm in love with a stranger. I can't believe that she's mine. Now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes. So suddenly I'm in love with a stranger, I can't believe that she's mine, yeah. And now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes …  *10 min break to sing Andy Grammer and his Fresh Eyes twice.*
- Damn Michelle, you forgot to wet the sponge.
- I wanna flawless skin, which foundation I should use today? Medium or full coverage?
- *After I apply foundation* God damn Michelle, are you stupid? You FORGOT THE PRIMER AGAIN!
- Why do I always have just only one big pimple in the middle of my forhead?
- *Applied 3 different concealers* Oh my God, my eye bags are bigger and bigger and it's harder and harder to cover them.
- *Set my face with powder* Shit, my face is lighter then it should be. 
- *Fill in my brows* Yaaas, today is pretty decent brow day!
- *Contour face* Why the hell my left side is alwasy patchy while my right side is smooth and sharp?
- *Applied blush and highliter* Does it really show up on my skin? *Applied more blush and highlighter*  Gosh, I look like Marfusa from Morozko movie.
- Hmm, today I could go with bold lipstick *Applied dark berry lipstick*
- *Set face with Fix+*
- Damn girl, you got it today, your face is amazing!
- *After 10 minutes* My left brow has different shape than the right one. Why?
- * Having dramatic laugh* Is this your way how to do fresh simple makeup? 
- *After an hour of applying makeup* Holly cow, it's been already an hour? I need to leave like NOW! What about my hair? They look horrible. 
- I need to change the lipstick for sheer gloss. 

That's it guys. I don't know why, but I always lost myself when I apply my makeup. And I always have love-hate relationship with my face, but I'm pretty sure everyone has that, right?

What you guys think about when you apply your makeup?

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Love, Michelle <3

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  1. So relatable! I always tell myself I'm just going to lightly bronze up my skin and then I ended up with carved out cheeks and a bold highlight. The struggle.

    Emily |

    1. I know, right? It's so crazy, sad and awesome in the same time! :D


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