Random Facts, Vol. 1

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Hello guys,

as I promised, I will share with you something from my life. In Random Facts I will choose five facts about me, my pets, family, … You know, just random bullshit and post them on Happy Sundays. So if you wanna know some pretty boring and useless facts, then please stick around.

1: I'm a huge cat lover. Me and mom own six cats. Oh yes, you heard me perfectly, six cats. They found their way accidentally, but we love them and I would do anything for them. I will introduce my bad boys (and girl) very soon, so stay tuned.

2: I have a belly-button piercing and tattoo on spine.

3: I'm addicted to coffee. Coffe means for me "relax time" which I enjoy twice a day- breakfast and after lunch. I love turkish coffee, if you have neve heard about it, it's unfiltered coffe, you can read more about it here.

4:  In future I would like to add a dog to our collection of cats- French Bulldog (black one) or Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

5: My closet consists (mostly) of black and white.

That's it guys! Next Random Facts will be up on next Sunday. I really did enjoy this one, so hopefully it wasn't that boring

Hope you guys having great Sunday!

Love, Michelle

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