Knock Knock. Who's There? Vol. 1

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Hello guys!

Let's play little game today. You know the joke "Knock knock. Who's there?" Well I don't, I meant I've heard about it, but never heard the whole "story" behind. So I googled it, saw some examples and decided to use it for intoducing my loves of my heart to you.  Let's get into this. :)

"Knock knock. Who's there?"

  • I'm fluffy
  • I'm furry
  • I'm even bushy
  • I'm white, black and orange
  • I'm the only girl from our pack
  • I'm newest member of family
  • I'm british queen
  • I'm sleepy and lazy all day
  • I'm yelling at everyone if I'm not in mood
  • I'm little overweight but I have excuse for that
Do you already know?
Such a shame!
But don't worry, I'll tell you she is…

This beauty queen is Soul and she's British Longhair cat. She's the only girl of our pack of feline. It took me more than a month to try describing her personality, because she is THE PERSONALITY. I've never seen any cat like her. She's noble, loving her own space, but still needs to know about everything and everyone. She liked to play hide and seek, but when you opened cat's canned food she was like tornado so she could've been the first one who gets the food. Now, it's the right opposite. She loves to be where the others are. When the can is opened, she doesn't try to be the first one, because she finally found out that there is enough food for everyone.

Her story beggins in some very old grave at cemetery. She was just one year old kitty taking care of her own kitties at the cemetery. At that time it was very cold and windy weather. She was sick but put all her energy to make sure that her kitties survive. When good people found her, they give her and her son to family shelter.  Since then she has neurological disorders - she didn't like any touch on her body except her head. She stayed a year in that place till we took her to our home. It's been a long way for her and us, but I think we're getting use to each other. We talk to her every day, treat her like our queen. Still work on "touching" her body every day, little baby steps and have to say, it's working. She's pretty moody, but when you catch her in better mood, she snuggles. She loves when you scratch her neck and place between her ears.

I love our fluffy ball and I couldn't have imagined if she wasn't here with us. Our relationship is different than with other cats, but still very strong. We feel for her and her story and respect her like she was a person. That's why she trusts us, I think. We still have a long journey in front of us, but slowly we are getting there.

Have a great Sunday cat lovers!

Love, Soul and Michelle <3

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