USA haul part 1

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Hello guys,

first week in USA is behind me and I couldn’t have waited to finally check out the drugstores. So I did, I spent hours and hours in Target, Walgreens, Walmart and CVS! I was looking at all these products, got excited about a lot of things, but I wanted to buy everything from my Wishlist first before I’ll buy something different. I’m the kind of a person who needs to read reviews before buying. Let’s see what I bought last week ( don’t worry, I’m not done yet :D ).

Loreál, Brow Stylist Definer $ 7.99
This Brow pencil shoud shape your brow for a well-defined look thanks to ultra-fine tip. They promise waterproof brow pencil which is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. I bought the one in Brunette, so we will see how this products will stand.

 ELF, Blending Brush $ 1 + ELF, Concealer Brush $ 1

I’ve never been a fan of ELF cosmetics. I always threw it in the same box with MUA cosmetics, Freedom Makeup and Makeup Revolution, because I think these brands always tried to make dupes of high end makeup  (eyeshadow palettes mostly) and I prefer having own concept plus I always thought the quality is kinda off. So I never paid attention to ELF brushes. One day I saw video from KathleenLights, where she recommended these brushes. And I was like NAH, any cheap brush can’t be that good. How time went, she made a few more videos where she talked about them again. So I checked the czech site of ELF and still didn’t believe that they can be good. Well today, a few years later I’m standing in Target looking at these brushes and they actually look great. So I bought these two to try them out. I won’t use the Concealer brush for concealer, but for eyeshadow on lower lashline mostly.

Wet n Wild, Comfort Zone palette $ 5.29
This palette I wanted for a long time. I mentioned this in my USA Wishlist. It surprised me how big this palette is, I expected like the half of this size. I wanted this palette mainly because of the Definer shade in right row. Looking at the palette, the left row doesn’t seem that exciting, but maybe it will surprise. 
Comfort Zone palette promises eight silky, ultra-pigmented colors which you can wear all day without creasing. I can’t wait to put them in a test. 

Physicians Formula,  Butter Bronzer $ 15.79
I was so lucky at CVS, because I picked up the last one and because it’s sold out everywhere. I was so happy I got it. It surprised me how thick it is, I didn’t the mirror and applicator is included. I’m kinda sad that I didn’t have this bronzer in summer, because the packaging is all about the summer. It does have the coconut / pina colada scent, but it’ doesn’t bother me that much (I don’t like coconut or cocunt scent).
Butter Bronzer promises Brazilian goddes glow, gorgeous bronze finish leaving skin silky soft and moisturized.

Milani, Blush in Romantic Rose $ 8.99
This blush reminds me Autumn because it has this mauve pink which is perfect for fall colors. I like the rose design but I hate the chemical scent. This blush promises ultra silky-soft powder blush that delivers the perfect amount of color and easily blends onto cheeks.

OGX Healing + Vitamin E shampoo $ 5.79 + conditioner $ 5.79
Other wishlist products I bought the first day in here. These products promise to help boost hair with healthy glow while adding swish and shine. Vitamin E should help to heal any signs of damage. I have two things to say -  first one is that I’ve never seen the gelish formula of shampoo in my life and second thing is that I am not so happy with the conditioner so far.

Ok guys, that’s it for this time. Now I’m on the hunt for NYX, L.A. Girls and Morphe Brushes products.

Enjoy your upcoming weekend!

Love, Michelle <3

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  1. If I ever travel to US I will definitely take an extra bag with me and I will spend hours too in these shops! I ordered the Milani Romantic Rose a while ago from Beauty Joint and I cannot wait to receive it :)


    1. Oh, I know, I took one extra bag, because I know I'm gonna buy a lot of things here. Already have two more hauls and I'm still not done. :D
      You will love the Milani Romantic Rose. I wear this everyday now and I'm obsessed.


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