It's okay to take a break

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Hello lovelies,

some of you might noticed that I haven't been posting anything last week and I haven't been active on Twitter either. I'm not going to write hundreds apologizing words in this article, because I think it's okay and sometimes it's needed to take a break from social medias and life. On the other hand I think we deserve something like a heads up and thoughtful post about being okay to be MIA.

Last week I was emotionaly and physicaly drained. I don't know if I mentioned that before, but I always plan and prewrite posts at least one or two days before publishing, but last week I just couldn't. More than a half of co workers were sick, so we had to take some double shifts, I got cold too, so it wasn't a better either. And on the top of everything, I had some really bad days in work - I accidentally got myself in many troubles (for example: on Saturday I was the first one in work and wanted to open back door for delivery guy so he didn't have to wait for another 10-15 min, so without thinking I opened coded door inside and I set the alarm on, now you can pretty much imagine what happened - police in heavy armor immediately arrived and I had to explain that I didn't try to robber my work).

So anyway everyday from last week I came home, took a short shower or bath and went to sleep rigt away. Plus I worried about my kitties. The youngest devil had castration on Tuesday and Soul (the one with neurological problems) got scabies, so we have to give her a special care three times a day. So… I didn't have time to watch my videos, show, read any blogs or post anything on Twitter. The only pleasure I afforded was reading a book on the way to work and back and ordering the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, because our Sephora had 20% sale. But I don't regret anything. My mental and physical health and family (yes, my kitties are members of my family and they are very important for me) are more important to me than makeup. Yes, I said it, such a big sin to a makeup God, haha. 

What I'm trying to say here is that I think it's okay and sometimes you really should take a break from things and focus on something / someone what / who is more important. Plus a break from social media can be very relaxing. You don't have to think about all the drama of following and unfollowing, about being successful or about "if I'll be on schedule". Just relax, because life is too short to stress about many things and I'm not saying that the Internet is bad thing, but sometimes people can be too rude that it hurts. And maybe thanks this you will see who actually stands with and for you. My inactive week discovered that I lost some of my followers on Twitter. For the first time I was sad, but then I realised that I don't want fake followers. I want "love" from someone who actually likes my effort and content. Someone who is important and friendly. So this "clearance" was actually a good thing. 

The closure of this post should be… Please, if you have some struggle or just feel little bit off, without inspiration or very deep down with your mental and physical health, don't be sorry a just take a break. Shut everything off, make a relaxing mood (light a candle, have some chocolate cake, take a bath, cuddle with pets, read a book, watch a TV or simply go to sleeep) and just enjoy the quiet. Don't be ashamed to say "I need a break", because you're not a robot. We all need some fresh starts from time to  time and it's always good to deal with it. Because let me tell you something, if you will keep everything inside yourself and go everyday for 110%, one day it will be way too much for you and you will collapse. No one wants that, so please … Take a break.

Have a great day!

Love, Michelle <3

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  1. Sometimes its good for us to take a step back. I feel terrible when I do but I feel more refreshed and motivated after. Great post!

    Vanessa x |

  2. Aw lovely post! I hope you feel better soon, sometimes everything gets a bit overwhelming and taking time to recharge really helps :D I love your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Aww, thank you so much Elizabeth! I really appreciate that

  3. Beautifully written.

  4. It's always good to take time off. Especially if it's to better your health. Hope you feel better soon!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  5. It's good to take a break and relax and when I do that, I always come back feeling better and more inspired. Hope you are feeling well and sending you hugs! x


  6. Sometimes it is good to take a break ! We missed you and welcome back !

  7. This is such an important topic, I'm glad you chose to write about it (also, it's good that you're back on track!). Recently, I took a break from social media and I felt horrible while I was doing it, when I shouldn't have. Sometimes, we need to take a break from it all, and that's okay.

    -Alicia. x | Lifestyle & Advice

    1. Thank you and yes, I agree that it's important to share this, because everyone should know that it is okay to take a break. :)


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