Sunday Survey, Vol. 17

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Hello lovelies,

today is Sunday and it means that's time for Happy Sunday Survey. Sunday Survey is another great way to share something from your life, but it's also great opportunity to get to know you guys! The principle is simple, I'll ask five questions, answer them and you can feel free to do the same. :)

1. What are you favorite three girl's names for your daughter?

One day if I'll be that lucky and have my baby girl, I would name her Emily, Anna (Anne) or Zoe. These three names are my favorite and honestly I wish I was named Emily as wel, haha. 

2. If you have different native language than English, how would you say "Hi, my name is ....... and I'm a beauty junkie"?

Some of you might noticed, that my native language is Czech which belongs to West Slavic languages. The translations would be "Ahoj, jmenuji se Michaela a jsem závislá na kosmetice".

3. What's the farthest you've ever been from home?

It would be probably California, San Francisco and Santa Rosa, so it's about 9 430 km / 5 860 miles from the Czech Republic.

4. What type of shoes you would never wear?

I really hate the trend of sneaker on heels and sneaker wedges and I don't get the hype. I would never put this on my feet. Such an ugly shoe (no offense if you love them).

5. How often do you check your social media?

To be honest, if I don't take a break from social medias (I try that as often as I can) I always check my phone whenever I can (my mornings, evenings, nights and on my break at work) - so to be clear probably everytime when I have my free time. How bad, right?


All right guys, here are my answers and now I would like to read yours.

Have a great lazy Sunday like one of my sweethearts in the picture!

Love, Michelle <3

I would be more than happy if you join the Bloglovin' party with me (I will follow back). :)

Sunday Survey is inspired by Monday Poll on  makeupandbeautyblog. 

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  1. I check my phone all the time too which is a bad habit but I cannot stop, it can be annoying sometimes and it distracts me from other things. Have a lovely start of the new week!! xx


    1. I guess this is a new age with phone, haha. Have a great week as well.

  2. Beautiful picture! 👍

  3. I definitely check my social media all the time as well!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  4. i have been obsessed with name videos on youtube lately and i love hearing about names other people love. i have so many but i'll keep them to myself for now.

  5. A wonderful post, dear!
    I'd be happy friendship blogs ♥
    Julia Shkvo

  6. I'm just perpetually on my social media, I never take a break! xx And, I love the name Zoe by the way! Such a nice post x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Thank you Marina Rosie and thank you for stopping by.

  7. Emily is a gorgeous name, I also like Amelia which sound very similar.

    Vanessa x |

    1. Amelia is perfect too! Thanks for another tip!

  8. LOL I'm so with you on the sneaker wedges. Everyone was wearing them at some point and I was just thanks!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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